How Long Does Concrete Driveway Paving in Austin, TX Take?


Concrete driveways are great. They last longer, add to your property’s curb appeal, absorb less UV radiation from the sun, and can withstand heavier loads. They also do not release oils as asphalt does on its first few days.

If you are considering paving a gravel driveway, replacing a driveway that’s in poor condition, or deciding what type of driveway to add for a new home or business, a new concrete driveway is a good option, especially if there is the possibility of selling your property in the future. A concrete driveway not only increases your property’s curb appeal, it also improves its resale value.

Your driveway is one of the first things that people will notice when entering your property. If it looks bad, is in disrepair or is uneven, you will be giving people a bad impression.

Now you are probably asking:

How long will concrete driveway paving in Austin, TX take and what are the factors that affect its timeline?

We at Ballards Asphalt can pave your regular concrete driveway in Austin, TX in 2 days. Larger ones make take 3 days. This includes the paving preparation, such as laying out the base and framing the driveway.

However, there are other factors outside of the paving itself that may affect how long it takes to pave a driveway.

Factors that affect how long concrete driveway paving takes

1. Securing of permits

Before your contractor can begin, necessary permits must be secured from your city. Ballards Asphalt is licence by the city of Austin, which makes it faster and easier for us to get permits from the city of Austin.

2. Delivery of concrete

The delivery of concrete can affect your project timeline. Summer is the busy season for construction. Sometimes we have to wait an extra day to receive concrete during the summer if the concrete companies are backlogged.

3. Curing of concrete

After your concrete driveway has been paved, we recommend that you leave it untouched for 72 hours. This allows it to cure. If your concrete driveway will be used by commercial or industrial vehicles, we recommend allowing a new driveway to cure for 7 days before it is used by heavy trucks.

If you need a concrete driveway in Austin, Round Rock, or Pflugerville, TX, contact Ballards Asphalt. From new driveway paving to driveway repair, we are the concrete contractor in Austin, TX you can count on to get the job done right. Call us for a free quote or fill the form below.