How Long Does Asphalt Paving a Parking Lot Take?


Parking lots are necessary for neighborhoods and business establishments to thrive. They provide residents and customers a safe place for their cars.

When planning the addition of a new parking lot, people often ask:

How long does paving an asphalt parking lot take?

Because there are so many steps involved, and those steps vary from parking lot to parking lot, it’s impossible to provide one, simple answer. But we can help you get a general idea of the factors that impact the length of your paving project, but looking at the steps involved in paving an asphalt parking lot.

Steps involved in asphalt paving a parking lot

1. Securing permits from the city.

Before your asphalt contractor can start paving your parking lot, there are necessary permits that you need to pull from your city. A contractor who’s an expert in asphalt paving in Austin, TX will help secure it for you.

2. Preparation of the blueprint for the parking lot.

The blueprint will give the engineers an idea on the existing and proposed elevations in the site. From this data, your contractor will know if cuts and fills are needed for the desired outcome.

3. Setting the base for your parking lot.

The sub-base is a vital part of asphalt paving. Substandard sub-base will result in an unstable parking lot. The materials for the sub-base will determine how solid your parking lot foundation is.

Crushed stones, such as crushed limestone or recycled aggregate can be used for the sub-base of your parking lot. The sub-base must be properly compacted to ensure the structural integrity of your parking lot. There should be no soft or hollow spots. Your sub-base materials are applied in layers with controlled moisture to achieve proper compaction.

The sub-base is given 24-hour curing time, so that moisture can evaporate.

4. Paving the asphalt for your parking lot.

After the sub-base has cured and compacted, you now have a solid layer to put asphalt on. Hot mix asphalt is applied on your sub-base, usually with a thickness of two inches. The asphalt is compacted using asphalt rollers.

5. Installation of parking lot structures and markers.

The asphalt is usually given 24 hours to cure. Parking lot markings and structures can be installed the next day. The following may be installed as required:

  • Gutters

  • Car Stops

  • ADA Parking

  • Traffic and Stop Signs

  • Parking Lines

What are the factors that can impact the duration of asphalt paving your parking lot?

As stated earlier, there is no fixed duration on how long an Austin asphalt paving project can take.  Some additional factors that may impact the amount of time your asphalt paving project will take include:

  • Size of the proposed parking lot

  • Existing structures on the site

  • Volume of the materials needed

  • The equipment needed

  • The application and approval of permits

  • Installation of electric or plumbing features

If you are looking for an asphalt contractor in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, TX to pave your new parking lot, give Ballards Asphalt a call or request a free quote using the form below.