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Concrete is made of water, aggregate, and cement. To repair concrete the area would have to be excavated and the damaged concrete pavement would need to be replaced.

If cracks are isolated and minimal, a concrete crack filler can be applied to help prevent rainwater from seeping through to the subgrade, which would soften the subgrade below the concrete and promote more extensive cracking and damage. 

A crack filler is only a temporary solution. If there is bulging, buckling, sunken areas, or more extensive cracking where water can collect, the concrete needs to be replaced as soon as possible in order to keep water from causing more damage.

To maintain your concrete, make sure the expansion joint areas remain intact so that water does not seep through into the subgrade. If you see cracks in the concrete make sure you repair them as soon as possible.

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Do you need concrete repair in Austin, TX, Round Rock, or Pflugerville? Do you need concrete driveway repair in Austin, TX, Round Rock, or Pflugerville?