Asphalt Repair Austin, TX

Reliable Asphalt Repair in Austin, Round Rock, & Pflugerville, TX

Asphalt Repair Austin, TX

Asphalt is one of the most used paving materials in the industry because of it’s economical cost and durability. However the maintenance of asphalt is essential as it helps protect the pavement and your investment. Proper maintenance adds longevity to the life of the pavement and actually helps with preventing costly repairs.

In Austin, asphalt repair performed at an earlier time will help prevent more extensive costs at a later time. However, asphalt patching and pothole repair are only part of the maintenance process. Asphalt pavements should be sealcoated with an asphalt pavement sealer. This is vital as it protects from the damaging effects of oxidation from the sun, moisture damage from rain, and petroleum products leaked from vehicles. Asphalt sealcoating adds longevity to the life of the asphalt pavement and asphalt seal coating also enhances the appearance of the asphalt pavement.

When asphalt pavement surfaces are not maintained properly the black color of the asphalt becomes light gray. This is caused by the oxidation process due to the elements of the weather and environment. The sun dries out the natural oils, tar and bitumen that are necessary for the strength, flexibility and vitality of the asphalt. After the asphalt pavement surface is oxidized, then erosion of the surface begins to promote cracks. Water seepage will soften and weaken the subgrade below the asphalt and is the primary factor of asphalt failure.

Make sure you address deterioration immediately so that it doesn’t grow more severe resulting in deepened cracks, uneven and sunken areas, and potholes! When the subgrade has deteriorated to this degree the expenses of repair are considerably more costly.

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