How Long Does a Concrete Driveway in Austin, TX Last?


Believe it or not, concrete driveways can last up to 30 years, and in some cases, even 50 or more. But to ensure your driveway will last half a lifetime, certain steps must be taken. Concrete contractor Austin, TX, Ballards Asphalt and Concrete, gives the inside scoop on how to make a concrete driveway last as long as possible.

To make a lasting concrete driveway, provisions must be made at the very beginning. The key to a solid driveway is to build it correctly in the first place. Factors like concrete thickness, reinforcements, drainage, and location must all be taken into consideration in order to achieve a long-lasting driveway.

Concrete thickness is important because it must be sufficient enough to substantiate the type of use the driveway receives. Driveways are poured at least five to six inches thick in order to uphold to vehicles. Pouring one any less thick is sure to result in cracks and failures.

One of the most important components to an ageless concrete driveway is utilizing reinforcements. Ballards uses rebar and constructs reinforcements for driveways and even sidewalks. It may seem like overkill at times, but utilizing proper reinforcement structures will get your concrete to last a lot longer. Improper use of reinforcements or the lack of them is the number one reason that concrete fails or cracks early.

Another problem can be improper drainage. Correct drainage must be planned out from the beginning. If built improperly, faulty drainage can cause hollow areas in the concrete driveway.

So, if you want a driveway to last 30 years or longer, take the necessary steps from the beginning: if you have volatile soil, we’ll lay down a support layer of crushed limestone first. Then we’ll get the reinforcements in, pour the concrete at the correct thickness, and ensure proper drainage.

Ballards does it right – we do what we say and we do it right. We’re an ethical business; that’s how we work. We don’t want our concrete to fail, but want it to be a lasting job. Every job and every customer is important to us.

If you need to find concrete companies, Austin, TX, look no further. Ballards can take care of your paving needs and will ensure a thorough, solid job well done.