How much does it cost for parking lot paving in Austin, TX?


The cost of parking lot paving Austin, TX depends on a broad spectrum of factors. And while that answer may seem overtly cliché, it’s completely true.

To demonstrate just how varied expenses can be, the cost to pave a fast food restaurant parking lot, for example, could range anywhere from $20,000 to a million dollars. That’s a massive expanse of a price range.

Let’s shed some light on the “why” behind such a varied cost range for parking lot paving.

Firstly, the cost of parking lot paving depends on what we are starting with: is the parking lot being constructed on raw, brand new land or over an existing site? Brand new land sites will require the work of an engineer to draft up blue print drawings and design the lot based on how it will be used and what kind of traffic it will receive. An existing parking lot, on the other hand, may not require such extensive planning and design.

Another factor is the volatility of the soil. That dictates what steps you’ll take to prepare the ground for the parking lot. If the soil is volatile, a support layer of stone – oftentimes crushed limestone – may need to be laid down first. The thickness and amount of limestone will also need to be determined based on the soil type. If the soil is very volatile the ground will need some good stability.

If the parking lot is to be paved over a rocky site, the area will require grading to make sure the area is well prepped. Drainage needs for not only the parking lot but for the areas that meet the parking lot will also need to be evaluated and determined.

Then, depending on the actual usage of the parking lot, asphalt thickness also needs to be determined. Commercial areas like 18-wheeler off-loading zones and garbage and recycle sites need to be able to hold up well under the pressure of heavy vehicles, where as driveways and retail store parking lots receive much more personal vehicle usage. Two to three inches of asphalt is a minimum, but more may be required.

Variables for cost also include the size of the parking lot and its location, its usage, the construction needs, and any and all preparation work that would be required.

In order to determine how much it would cost to pave your parking lot, all of these variables must be assessed and determined.

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