How Asphalt Contractors Do Parking Lot Paving in Austin, TX


Paving a parking lot is very much a step-by-step process. We at Ballards Asphalt and Concrete, an Austin paving company, offer an inside look at the process of paving a parking lot.

The very first thing an asphalt contractor Austin, TX must do is get an approved city blueprint by the city of Austin and pull any permits that would be required. Once these steps have been completed, the actual paving work may begin.

The first thing that happens at the parking lot site is the dirt work: bringing in the large equipment to elevate the land. Using a process of “cuts and fills,” an Austin paving company will level dirt in some areas and add dirt in others in order to achieve a level area. Excavation and grading are a crucial step to ensuring a well-laid parking lot.

Next, a base layer is added. Crushed limestone is brought in and laid to the proper thickness before any asphalt can be laid. This subgrade base layer gives structural soundness to the parking lot. Moisture is added to the base layer to achieve proper compaction. The base layer will then need some cure time. The moisture will evaporate out and the remaining surface becomes very hard: the perfect base for a parking lot.

At this time, curbs and gutters can be poured to create the perimeter of the parking lot. A primer will get sprayed onto the limestone base which acts as a vapor barrier and offers other elements to enhance the finished product.

Finally, the asphalt can be laid. Parking lots are generally laid and compacted to a thickness oftwo inches. The asphalt laying can take place in an entire day, even for large parking lots, with enough equipment available.

Finally, all the striping, marking, and finishing touches can be applied. Ballards does parking lot striping in Austin, TX as one of our paving services. We mark all the parking areas, handicap spaces, and access ways. We can also install concrete car-stops to prevent vehicles from encroaching upon sidewalks.

This completes the parking lot paving process. All of these steps must be done with precision in order to achieve a quality parking lot that will last a long time. Ballards has over 25 years of paving experience in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville and central Texas. We are well versed in not only parking lots, but also drive ways and sidewalks. For more information, please give us a call. We’ll be most happy to meet your paving needs.