How Does Permitting Work for Asphalt Paving in Austin, TX?


Many types of construction projects require permits. Anything from home remodeling to new construction, fencing and landscaping and even asphalt paving in Austin, TX can require permits.

If you’ve hired a paving contractor to help you complete a project, you might be wondering who is responsible for taking care of any permitting: is it up to the client or the contractor?

At Ballards Asphalt and Concrete, we take care of the filing of permits. As a contractor, it is our responsibility to pull any permits that are necessary to complete a job. Once in a while, the hiring company may complete the permit process. But that only happens when the hiring company already has a part in the construction process, such as serving as a general contractor. All in all, the contractor is responsible for pulling permits.

Paving Company Licensed by the City of Austin, TX

Paving companies in Austin, TX such as Ballards must also complete a yearly licensing renewal in order to work on city projects. As a licensed paver in the city of Austin, Ballards can work for the city as well as for residents and private companies. A paving contractor must be licensed in order to add a new school crossing sign in a residential area, for example. We must also uphold our license in order to complete any repair work in commercial areas, such as fixing entry ways.

So as a licensed city paving contractor, we’ll take care of any permitting work that’s required, and we can also work on all kinds of paving projects, both city-based as well as residential and private hires. We work on driveways, sidewalks, entry ways, right of ways, and even street patches, to name a few.

So: if you’re looking for paving companies Austin, TX, take comfort in knowing that Ballards is a licensed contractor who will take care of any permits required. Our experience and broad array of services allows us to be of assistance in all kinds of asphalt and concrete paving projects. We can repair or replace your driveway, patch up or resurface your parking lot, address cracked sidewalks, fix roads, repair crumbling curbs, and more. Ballards is a reliable and experienced company and we are here to serve you.

For more information about the permitting process or about our company, contact Ballards Asphalt and Concrete. We’ll get your questions answered and assist you with your paving needs.